Never eat alone!

Never eat alone!

Food plays a vital role in all kind of communities around the planet. Food is more than nutrition – it is the most social thing since forever. So what does it take to enjoy eating every day? Good food, talent in the kitchen, a nice location, great people around the table – and a smart app to find all this on your phone:

foodfriends is an application that enables its users to find great restaurants and also the people they would like to share their table with – it connects people who enjoy eating together with others.

foodfriends’ application lets people…

  • meet people, enjoy good food together and never eat alone
  • invite friends and other foodfriends users whose profile they like to join them and
  • find the restaurants they are looking

foodfriends makes choosing a restaurant fun and more secure because it allows us to have dinner with people who know where to find good food in their region. It can convert a facebook friendship into a real one and it let’s us make new friends, eat together and have a good time.

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